A perfect holiday

Available beach-wheelchair

Casas Heddy has a 300 m² heated outdoor pool (28ºC)

Casas Heddy offers comprehensive training and recreation holidays to priority groups, particularly disabled-, children, youngsters and elderly. Our personnel have extensive expertise in handling different diagnose groups. As our guest you will experience a unique social culture. Psychosocial well-being, increased self-esteem and improved physical mast-ering are keywords at Casas Heddy.

The centre consists of a main building, a large terrace, and 76 apartments. Most of the apartments are specially adapted for wheelchair users and located on ground level.

Casas Heddy has a 300 m² heated out-door pool (28ºC) with sun beds and tables. The centre has its own physiotherapists and the treatment area has a heated in-door pool (32ºC), and fitness rooms. Facilities for teaching are also located in the same area.

The entire property is accessible for wheelchair users and landscaped with palm trees and beautiful surroundings. Small streetlights make evening trips a pleasant experience.

It is approx. a 15 minute walk to the town centre and main beach in Puerto del Carmen.

In other words; A perfect Holiday!

Please look here for more pictures.

For further information please download our brochure, email or phone us in
Norway  + 47 904 16 063

One comment on “A perfect holiday
  1. Dear Casas Heddy Team,
    we come to Lanzarote since many years with our boys Nicolas and Favian, and so we know Casas Heddy from some visits . At christmas we came to ask for a place to spend the Easter holidays in the Casas Heddy. We have two 17 year old sons, Nicolas is physically disabled and moves on with a manual wheelchair. So we would like to ask if it is possible to come from 27.3. – 3.4. 2016 to Casas Heddy?
    It would be very happy if this would be possible. Thank you for your feedback.
    Sincerely Bärbel Otterbeck and Matthias Bauer Nicolas and Favian

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